About us


Takafes- Center for cultural innovation

What is Takafes

Takafes is a cultural center created to promote culturally innovative activities in Fez and the region promoting cultural diversity. Our main focus at Takafes is to facilitate social change through cultural activities promoting the creation, appreciation and engagement of arts and culture and encouraging cultural exchange through artistic innovation.

Our Mission

Takafes is committed to promote contemporary art programs across all media with a balanced focus on new work and the development of artists while simultaneously affirming and challenging the public’s appreciation and understanding of contemporary and innovative approaches to the arts. We aim to develop a variety of projects in collaboration with local and international artists.

Takafes will provide a huge boost to the extent and standard of arts infrastructure in Fez. This is particularly so in the rapidly expanding city of Fez. The goal is to develop a network of artists and a range of facilities in Fez for audiences and artists, which, offers the highest standards of design, program operation and forms an artistic hub for creation, exhibition and engagement, with a national and international profile.