Al-Quaraouyine Project Residency of creation at Takafes. Between 21st and 29th of January, 2017.

Residency of creation at “Takafes” the center for cultural innovation and art. Between 21st and 29th of January, 2017.

As part of its residencies of creation, Takafes the center of cultural innovation and art launched a residency around Al-Quaraouiyine University. It is about two Moroccan artists who are invited for a week to work in the old Medina about the university of Al-Quaraouiyine and its surroundings. In order to pursue the traces of past that always influences the present. This experimental and collaborative residency of creation project, aims to:

  • Proposing a new vision of the intellectual and immaterial heritage of the city of Fez.
  • Encouraging the artistic creation and research with the aim of understanding the public and architectural space of Al-Quaraouiyine University.
  • Valuing the work of the residency.
  • Deepening the artistic approach and research Al-Quaraouiyine University as an international place of influence.
  • Promoting the work of the artists in residency in meeting around their projects of research.
  • Bringing the cultural actors of the city of Fez all together, visiting the well-known sites and discovering parallel scenes.

This first activity is part of a project that allows us to build an itinerary reflection for future manifestations. Takafes is committed through this residency to value and encourage the artistic initiatives around this theme. The first university in the world is now taking the attention of Moroccan artists.

The residencies are with partnership of Dar 7 Louyat.

Dar 7 Louyat is a remain of the XVe century, it is a haven of peace in the heart of the old Medina of Fez, close to the most ancient university of the world, the big mosque of Al-Quaraouiyine and the artisanal center of Fez. This old traditional house of the Medina is typically of the Islamic architecture. It has been inhabited by scholars of Al-Quaraouiyine mosque for a long time. The place was thoroughly restored according the traditional rules of the local architecture. Its architectural features are made with elegance and lightness, providing a feeling of peace which is the contrast of the feverish activity of the Medina.


M'hammed Kilito Madiha Sebbani Souad El Maysour Mohammed Hamdouni Ali El Kassass
M’hammed Kilito Madiha Sebbani Souad El Maysour Mohammed Hamdouni Ali El Kassass

The laureates of the first edition of 2017 of the residency of creation « Al Quaraouyine » are:

M'hammed Kilito
M’hammed Kilito






M’hammed Kilito :


Born in Ukraine, M’hammed Kilito grew up in Morocco until 18. Then, he moved to Canada where he studied photography at the Ottawa School of Art. He also holds a degree in software engineering and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Ottawa.
In 2012, hired by an advertising agency in Montreal, he worked as the head of the video and photo department during three years. In 2015, He decided to move back to Morocco and devote himself exclusively to photography.
His photos have been published in several magazines such as The Washington Post, Off The Wall, Jeune Afrique, Afrique Magazine, Diptyque and Telquel.



Madiha Sebbani
Madiha Sebbani

Madiha Sebbani

Madiha Sebbani was born in Morocco/ Sale city (10/11/1991) where she spent her childhood. Her artistic journey began after she has hot her high school degree in ART. After having left ISADAC in RABAT, madiha decided to continue her studies at INBA in Tetouan where she actually graduated (JUNE 2015). As for her work, this artist loves experimentation as she combines different plastic forms and techniques. Sometimes, it is sense that comes as a form or even more it’s just about giving form to that sense which is embodied in installations, paintings, photographs / videos, and happenings or performances.  The richness of artistic techniques and mediums generates a flexibility of material and experience, the thing that diversifies the visual of an artist and forges his artistic maturity. From her daily observations, she tries to raise a challenge whenever she feels it’s needed, be it related to herself or to her surroundings. Because, for such a creative artist, asking good questions lights up the flame of a great need of creation. As evidence, her work on her identity through self-portraits, the earth’s energy through sculptures of wood, iron, and ceramic, the energy of a shaft recovered from scrap which represents is a story of life and death.


Mohammed HAMDOUNI- Art Director of Takafes