Al-Quaraouyine Project Residency of creation at Takafes. Between 21st and 29th of January, 2017.

Residency of creation at “Takafes” the center for cultural innovation and art. Between 21st and 29th of January, 2017. As part of its residencies of creation, Takafes the center of cultural innovation and art launched a residency around Al-Quaraouiyine University. It is about two Moroccan artists who are invited for a week to work in […]

Paula Jeanine Bennett : The palpable sense of history in Fez is astonishing

     Can you tell us more about you and your artistic career? I am a pluridisciplinaire: musician, composer, poet and visual artist. I moved to New York City from Cleveland, Ohio at the age of 26, looking for wider opportunities. Originally I worked as a jazz singer as well as a percussionist in collaboration […]

Photography Residency program, 15th of July- 15th of August- Takafes, Fez/Morocco

As part of its missions of supporting contemporary photographic creation, Takafes the center for cultural innovation launched its first residency season. It is about four photographers invited to work on a territory, to take a fresh look on the city of Fez, and deploy freely their photographic language. In order to feed their thoughts on […]