Al-Quaraouyine Project Residency of creation at Takafes. Between 21st and 29th of January, 2017.

Residency of creation at “Takafes” the center for cultural innovation and art. Between 21st and 29th of January, 2017. As part of its residencies of creation, Takafes the center of cultural innovation and art launched a residency around Al-Quaraouiyine University. It is about two Moroccan artists who are invited for a week to work in […]

Coming soon Takajam

Fez has a lot of young musicians who are always passionate about the different forms of artistic expression and ideas that inspired by this magical city. Addressing the need to promote these inspirations for the broad public, Takafes decided to create the concept of TAKAJAM as way to celebration this potentials. The role of TAKAJAM […]