Photography Residency program, 15th of July- 15th of August- Takafes, Fez/Morocco

Takafes Residency programm 2016
As part of its missions of supporting contemporary photographic creation,
Takafes the center for cultural innovation launched its first residency season. It
is about four photographers invited to work on a territory, to take a fresh look
on the city of Fez, and deploy freely their photographic language. In order to
feed their thoughts on the contemporary photographic creation through
propositions for a period of a month. A project of collaborative residency,
participatory and experimental that aims to:
– Enrich the natural and cultural heritage of the city of Fez.
– Promote the creation and the diffusion.
– Linking the photographer with the public.
– Valuing the work done in residency.
– Allow to meet the cultural actors of the city of Fez, to visit the famous
places and discover the parallel scenes.
– To set up a close relationship between the artist in residence, the
territory and the inhabitants.
– Allow the profoundness of a research line or a specific work.
– Achieve a traveling collective exhibition of the four photographers
selcted in France (Bordeaux) and Morocco (Fez and Casablanca).
– Realize a catalog that traces the work of the residency.
– Dissemination of the selected photographers in the blogs and trade
Takafes, a production structure of production and dissemination of
contemporary photography remains available to the resident artists to
facilitate the contacts and assist in the implementation of places visits and
meetings with artisans, institutions, professionals, collectors, galleries and
museums in the city of Fez.
The selected artists of the photographic residency of Takafes 2016.


Amine Bouyarmane(Morocco)
Omar Chennafi (Morocco)
Hamza Ben Rachad (Morocco)
Mohamed Thara (France)
Mohammed HAMDOUNI, Artistic Director of Takafes