Tastes of Fez

Food tour workshop

Tell me how tasty the food is, I’ll tell you how rich the culture is.

Fez has one has the most delicious food in all Morocco, it is known by its diversity and variety of taste and forms, Medina is the melting point of delicious food, with a variety of specialties this place offers an opportunity for great exotic taste experience.

Takafes is offering to the tourists of Fez the opportunity to go through this experience with a whole network of safe food places around the Medina, we will try to make this experience closer to the Moroccan daily food habits. You will be a native food lover.

The program includes (payment fees include all):

  • A guided tour of Fez-Medina
  • A visit of 6 food places covered
  • Cultural facilitation and translation
  • Connecting the cooks with the participants

Group: from 2 to 8 people

For reservation please email us on: salam@takafes.ma