Soirée Ciné: Japanese cinema: Departures (2008)



Takafes in partnership with Sakura cc is inviting you to enjoy one of the greatest movies in the history of japanese cinema. This sunday 5pm at Sakura Cultural center, méga-pole office , 5 avenue Allal Ben Abdellah 6eme etage V.N ,fes ,MAROC


Daigo Kobayashi loses his job as a cellist when his orchestra is disbanded. He and his wife Mika move from Tokyo to his hometown inYamagata, where they live in his childhood home that was left to him when his mother died two years earlier. It is fronted by a coffee shop that Daigo’s father had operated before he ran off with a waitress when Daigo was six; since then the two have had no contact. Daigo feels hatred towards his father and guilt for not taking better care of his mother. He still keeps a “letter-stone”—a stone which is said to convey meaning through its texture—which his father had given him many years before.